residential estate surfacing

avant homes, tall trees, yarm


Avant Homes, our repeat clients, approached us to lay the final surface course for their recently completed residential estate before the site opening. As certain parts of the site were still accessible to the public, our team implemented stringent traffic management measures to ensure the safety of both workers and members of the public. Our NRS Surfacing division attended the site, and the project overview is outlined below.


july 21


avant homes


yarm, stockton-on-tees

required works

cold milling, asphalt surfacing, kerb remedials

project overview

The project involved cold milling and prepping the old surface, followed by the application of binding agent and paving with HRA provided by Breedon. Our team’s attention to detail and commitment to quality resulted in a pristine finished product. 

Utilizing a modified Vogele 1803 Paver with custom made extension boxes our surfacing division was capable of paving the full width of the road in just one pass. Whilst also utilizing Vogele Roadscan technology which provides highly detailed information such as material temperatures and paved surface profiles which ensures an ultra high level of accuracy and end quality that our company has became renowned for.


In conclusion, our team at NRS Surfacing successfully completed the residential estate surfacing works for Avant Homes’ Tall Tree’s site, utilizing advanced technology and implementing strict safety protocols to ensure a high-quality finished product. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence resulted in a pristine surface that met the needs and expectations of our client. We are proud to have played a crucial role in the construction of this residential estate and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional surfacing solutions for our clients in the future.

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